Can relieve chronic ailments.

Can relieve stress, anxiety andtension.

Brings balance and harmony to the system

Solar Eclipse Meditation

Helps us to  align with ourself and to diagnose the event, reaction at it and the understanding of the learning lesson and how we improved for it.
A ritual of gratitude, acceptance. An invite to observe and  think about the evolution process that happened since the last eclipse.
About the direction of the evolution that we would like to take.
A diagnosis of the weaknesess that need more love, care and compassion.
Exercise of change of perspective. Be in the role of the person having an antagonist role.
Ask to your inner master what would be the solution and how a person that you have a lot of esteem would react.
Be thankful for being there.
Be grateful and express the love that you have for yourself.
Be proud of being here, right now, that have gone through so much in order to improve your life and go so far.
Be grateful just for being. 

Thank you to the Universe to have you there.

MFA   Magnetic Field Alignment

Feel the energy within.  Magneti Field Alignment Meditation is a simple, time-honored technique.  It helps reduce stress and increase wellness.  If youíre having trouble juggling the challenges in your life,  MFA Meditation can help you to manage stress, master your emotions and find solutions to your problems.  Youíll enjoy better health, better focus, and a deeper understanding of the universe and your place in it.

45 min

Reboot Meditation

Usually done between the three days before and after the new moon,
Very calming and detoxing.
It is a combination of meditation and affirmations.

45 min

30 and 60 minute Meditation Session upon request
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