Astrological Consultations


 Astrological Consultation - 60 min
  1. Natal Chart and Transits
  2. Re-Location Charts Analysis 
  3. Solar Returns and Birthday Charts Relocation
  4. Synastry and Relationship charts
  5. Business consultation
45 min     130    

1.    Natal Chart and Transits
It is the study analisys and report of your astrological chart, that represents the positions of the planet and asteroids at the moment of your birth. It is your astral DNA.
Defines and your nature, the kind a person you are and what you like and what you need, what strengthens you. Gives hints about your opportunities and threats and a guidline about  the path of your life. Your life purpose and mission.
What are the positive and negative tendencies and the biggest challenges of your personality?
What you should aware and accept no matter what in order to thrive a live full of happiness health wealth love and success.
Guidelines, suggestions and tips aboyt how to improve and achieve your goals faster.
Tailor made tips for your daily routine, career, goals, love, pregnancy timing, marriage and business career timing 
2.    Re-Location Charts Analysis 
Our destiny can be modified according to the location where we live. Discover what is the best city to be successful in your career or to start a family, to be creative or to make more money. Find out the best timing to launch a new business, to ask for a mortgage, to move, to buy a car or have beauty treatments. 
3.     Solar Returns and Birthday Charts Relocation
Is the map of the sky at the exact moment of your birthday the Sun returns into the same position it occupied at the moment of your birth.  The location where you spend your birthday is essential: it can modify your Chart, reducing adversities  and enhancing benefits of the 12 following months.
Disclose which is the best location to spend your coming birthday that will. 
4.    Synastry and Relationship charts
Analyses of the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship, and how far it can go and how solid it can get. Are you meant to be together?
5.    Business Consultation 
To know the right timing for business and careers opportunity, discover empowering resources, opportunity, but also hidden enemies. To make the right business choices at the right time.

45 min     130

Intuitive Reading 
An Intuitive Reading is a Spiritual intuitive and Channeling Reading that allows you to 
Acknowledge informations and messages from the Universe
Awareness of your potentials and inner talents
Contact your higher part of yourself

45 min     130


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