"Her Astrology Readings helped me so much the right financial partner to start my business with. She also told me to wait 3 more months: that saved my career! Thanks to Helena, today I am a successful Video Maker."

John. S, 35 London


"Our relationship was going through a hard time. She made us understand better what were our Strengths and Weaknesses and how to face them. She is a uniquly gifted reader. She did the Sinastry Chart, the one with my boyfriend, and read it looked like she knew both of us since a long time because she said very specific things.

Now we are happily married with two children"

Sarah and Micheal, London


"Helena is very intuitive and magical, she figured out the risk I was facing with my business and predicted exactly what happened! She explained me how I should have changed my attitude and made me gain awareness. Helena helped me so much and I am looking forward to the next reading"

Mark, 33, Birmingham


"It was great to meet you today. Thank you so much for the reading, it helped tremendously. I am going to refer you to other people, See you next month for an update"

Tod 42, London


"She gets right away who you are and what you should work on. Her advice made me gain more money on my investments"

Gerry 44, insurance broker, Brighton


"After I got my astrology chart and tarot card reading done, she gave me  insights on what I needed to do, making me undestand exactly the sitation from a different perspective.  Because of her, I finally got a direction on what to do in life and everything has been accurate so far.  I highly recommend her!"

Stephan 25, London


"Helena is amazing, attentive, intuitive, magic, kind, professional.. She has been a life changing person to me. What more can I say? Her healing will no doubt leave a calming, lasting mark. I love her readings"

Stephanie 38, CEO


"She has an astoundingly quick mind. I was taken aback when she told me exactly what happened with my career"

Liza, 25, actress



"She has brought her unique brand of intuitive Astrologic. She told me to take an acting job that I was underestimating and the unexpected success of that Tv-show changed my career and my life. I will always be thankful to Helena"

Brad 28, writer


"I supervise a staff of over 30 attorneys, big money but also big stress. Christa comes to our offices and is very discreet. One of our partners once told her she was ‘our secret weapon’. I'm just thankful we have her on our team"

Andrew, 36, Sussex

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